Thursday, April 19, 2012

"you don't know what i got" in Hapeville

Historic Church In Hapeville

HAPEVILLE, GA.   The screening in Hapeville was just magical.   It was such a treat and honor to have Julie Brunzell, one of the "wise five" women featured in the film,  on hand.  The Church was beautiful and the community gave a warm and wonderful reception.

The great thing about screening with the Southern Circuit is each screening is different  and you learn something new about a community and your film as it seen through their eyes.   The mayor of Hapeville laughed the loudest and longest whenever Jimmie came on screen.  It was a treat to see someone enjoy her stories and is always interesting to see which characters people connect with in the film.

Julie Brunzell on hand at reception and screening
The Mindflow Media Posse made it down for the show

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