Thursday, September 16, 2010

My "sit down" moment.

It's fall.  The time of year  I always feel a sense of urgency and purpose mixed with an unsettling gnawing in my gut.  I am restless and queasy all at the same time.  Its not an all together pleasant experience.  Maybe, for me, this is when my year begins. Having just finished a grueling summer of travel and work, I am ready to tackle the work I love.  For whatever reason I have several rituals of fall.  I read the poems How to like It by Stephen Dobyns and In Praise of Dreams by Wislawa Szymborska.  I question the balance between making a living and living for your passions.  And I wonder if it is possible for those two objectives to merge into one.

I must confess I have never had an "aha moment".  I've heard of them but somehow this moment of clarity has never happened to me.  The closest I've come is the night my editor and I finished the scene posted.  Nothing in my mind said aha but something loudly screamed "sit down!" and listen to the people around you, perhaps the answers are there for the taking.