Sunday, April 22, 2012

"you don't know what i got" visits Madison GA

Cultural Center
MADISON GA.    I knew of Madison’s reputation before I arrived.  I was looking forward to seeing this little jewel of the south and I have to say it did not disappoint.  Madison is a beautiful town and the people are as lovely as the architecture. I was traveling alone on this leg of the tour, so it was tough to grab candids at the actual screening but I still managed to capture some of the sights.  The theater we screened in was absolutely amazing.  Once again it was great to share the films with the community and soak in scene.  I went back to the Cultural Center the following day just to take in the art and get some pics of the theater.   

The following day, I had a lovely conversation with Mamie Lee Hillman, the curator of the African American Museum.  She shared her stories on Greene County and gave me a personal tour of the museum.  She also taught me a new expression "That's a cutie".   Not sure I can pull it off like Mamie Lee but I’m going to try... Thank you Mamie Lee and Madison for an unforgettable experience.    
Mamie Lee Hillman, Curator of African American Museum

Thursday, April 19, 2012

"you don't know what i got" in Hapeville

Historic Church In Hapeville

HAPEVILLE, GA.   The screening in Hapeville was just magical.   It was such a treat and honor to have Julie Brunzell, one of the "wise five" women featured in the film,  on hand.  The Church was beautiful and the community gave a warm and wonderful reception.

The great thing about screening with the Southern Circuit is each screening is different  and you learn something new about a community and your film as it seen through their eyes.   The mayor of Hapeville laughed the loudest and longest whenever Jimmie came on screen.  It was a treat to see someone enjoy her stories and is always interesting to see which characters people connect with in the film.

Julie Brunzell on hand at reception and screening
The Mindflow Media Posse made it down for the show

Friday, April 13, 2012

Linda Duvoisin from Gainesville, GA

Gainesville Screening
 GAINESVILLE GA.   We had our first screening last night in Gainesville GA.  Our beautiful evening started by getting a little lost on campus until a very kind professor offered to jump in our car and direct us to the proper venue.  No surprise to find out that Charles was a professor in philosophy.  It was wonderful to screen the film again and to have some of my family and friends on-hand - a great posse for the first screening!
Family and Friend Posse

Q & A with Jeff Marker
GSU film professor Jeff Marker led the Q&A and had some wonderful insights into the film.  On the whole it was a fantastic start to the series.  I look forward to our next screening on Saturday.  Julie Brunzell, a woman featured in the film, will be on hand - so it should prove to be another eventful evening.

Lemon bars and DVDs a killer combo